What 800 Sahelians have to say on radicalization, violence and (in)security. Nine Research Reports

What 800 Sahelians have to say. Perception study on the drivers of insecurity and violent extremism in the border regions of the Sahel, under the direction of Reda Benkirane. The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue / United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), 2016. [ version française ]

International Report

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Radicalization, violence and (in) security. International Research Report

National Reports

  1. The rise of cross-border insecurity. Burkina Faso National Report
  2. The political economy of violence in the Far North. Cameroon National Report
  3. Balancing needs and insecurity: the challenges of the State. Chad National Report
  4. Local conflict and the call for justice. Mali National Report
  5. Radicalization and Citizenship. Mauritania National Report
  6. Instrumentalizing religion: the economy of insecurity. Niger National Report
  7. Nationhood Crisis and Violent Extremism as a Poverty Issue. Nigeria National Report
  8. Citizenship on the alert. Senegal National Report

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